Speaking at Your Event

Lynn is able to speak in front of any size group and is able to engage any crowd. All her presentations are always fully customised to your audience to ensure highly valuable and relevant information is shared.

Whether it is a speaking to an audience at a conference, or a training for your sales team, Lynn has experience with both and can create learning experience that is engaging and fun.

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First picture taken at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne during a team building event, for the sales & marketing teams.

Second picture taken in Geneva, Switzerland during a mastermind at The Business Hour for entrepreneurs and business owners.


Possible Topics

- How to rapidly build your credibility as an entrepreneur and stand out from your competitors.

- How to adapt your messaging to attract clients in the hospitality industry.

- How to build relationship equity and leverage the power of connections to grow your bottom-line.

- How to stop leaving money on the table and leverage new opportunities to bring in revenue.

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